8 of Sewatama’s Power Plants Attracted Foreign Inverstors

PT. Sumberdaya Sewatama, an integrated power solutions provider, through its subsidiary, PT. Nagata Bisma Shakti, has prepared at least 8 (eight) projects of power plants with 50 MW total capacities. These projects can be manifested through the establishment of PT. Nagata Dinamika, specifically founded by Sewatama and its partner, PT. Jaya Dinamika Geohidro Energy, to develop the mini hydro power plant.

These projects have attracted the foreign companies to invest, one of which is ID Hydro Power, Inc (IDI), a company based in Japan. ID Hydro Power, Inc has become the investor for PLTMH project by injecting the capital to PT. Jaya Dinamika Geohidro Energy (JDGE), that owns 49% of PT. Nagata Dinamika share. Sewatama, through PT. Nagata Bisma Shakti, is still committed to maintain the majority ownership by owning 51% of PT. Nagata Dinamika share.

The IDI investment has been legalized in the equity partnership agreement signing on Monday, 14 April 2014, in Jakarta. The equity partnership agreement was signed by 3 parties in the form of Share Subscription Agreement and Related Parties Agreement discussing about the cooperation agreement, capital investment, and the right to buy the share back. The agreement was signed by: the Director of PT. Nagata Bisma Shakti – Elan Badral Fuadi, the President Director of JDGE – John Pantouw, the CEO of IDI – Saitama, and the President Director of Sewatama – N. Hasto Kristiyono.

“We are pleased by the foreign investments that have come for our power plant projects . It shows the trust and the mutual beneficial opportunities for both parties. Sewatama also considers this trust as a chance to take contribution in maintaining the investment climate in Indonesia.” N. Hasto Kristiyono, the President Director of PT. Sumberdaya Sewatama, said in his writted statement in Jakarta, Monday (14/4/2014).

Among 8 (eight) projects that have been planned, Sewatama through PT. Nagata Dinamika has started to develop 2 (two) projects of Mini Hydro Power Plants with 15 MW total capacities, both of them are in South Sulawesi. As implemented by Nagata Dinamika, mini hydro technology is a sustainable power plant technology, using the swift flow of the river to twist the turbine.

For Sewatama, the effort to develop PLTMH is not only to open business opportunities, but also as a constructive effort to enhance people environmental concerns in real situations. Electricity is highly depending on the turbines. The twist of the turbine generator is highly depending on the water debit (the level of the river swift flow). It means, the people who live in the surrounding areas are expected to involve themselves in maintaining the river water debit, such as by preserving the forests along the river.

About PT. Sumberdaya Sewatama
Sewatama is the most well-known and integrated power solution provider company in Indonesia. It has 4 (four) main business lines: Temporary Power, Operation & Maintenance, Pillar Power Optimization & Energy Efficiency, and also Long-Term Power Solution in a form of Independent Power Producer (IPP). Sewatama entered the IPP business throughout its subsidiary, PT. Pradipa Arya Satya (fossil fuel based) and PT. Nagata Bisma Shakti (renewable energy based).

The development of the two subsidiaries has been shown from the PLTGU aquisition with 110 MW capacities from Meppo-Gen in Mount Megang, South Sumatera; PLTU of PT. Energi Alamraya Semesta in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (15 MW); also the other developments of renewable energy based projects, using water energy to fulfill the demand of regional develeopment.

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