Who We Are

Over 22 years of experience in providing power solutions has given PT Sumberdaya Sewatama (“Sewatama”) the recognition it deserves as a leader in the industry. Since our humble beginning as a diesel generator rental, we have grown significantly through the rise of a diversified portfolio in IPP, Energy Efficiency Services, and Operation & Maintenance.

Sewatama is a subsidiary of PT ABM Investama Tbk., a holding company engaged in Mining and Energy-related business. Our parent company, in turn, is a member of the Tiara Marga Trakindo Group, a solid group of companies engaged in virtually the entire spectrum of commercial activities: from heavy equipment sales and services, investment company in diversified business, one-stop shop financing to integrated energy company. While our own subsidiaries have taken us to the forefront of developing long term power solutions.

The Synergies that exist among members of Group have provided us with the end-to-end capabilities to ensure effective scales of operation. These, coupled with our decades of experience have enabled us to provide customer satisfaction without fail.

Sewatama has enjoyed robust growth since 1992, and now boasts 7 representative offices, in addition to our headquarter in Jakarta, and 6 depot stations that are manned by over 1.800 skiled personnel, as well as a massive installed base of more than 1.142 Megawatts. Today, Sewatama provides total and integrated power sollutions through its 4 lines of business: Power Rental, Operation & Maintenance, Energy Efficiency Services (Pillar Business), and Independent Power Producer.

Our operation and activities cover the entire country of Indonesia, with projects stretching the entire span of the vast archipelago. This experience has encouraged Sewatama to venture beyond the country’s borders for more opportunities. We serve customers from the utility, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, construction industries as wel as industrial estates. We have also successfully established a reputation for being a trusted partner to the government of Indonesia in its national electrification efforts – a testimony to our credibility and reliability in the industry.

Moving forward, we will continue to support the government’s effort to establish national eleftrification, as wel as meet the private sector’s growing demand for electrical power. We shall remain faithful to our vision to become the contry’s industry leader, providing total power solutions, firts to the nation, then the region and the world.


Our Group Mission

  1. To maintain profitable growth and maximize the shareholders' value
  2. To provide highest and relevant quality of power solutions and associated services to both Utility (PLN) and Non-Utility customers in Indonesia in short to medium term, beyond Indonesia in medium to long term.
  3. To continue creating worthwhile & challenging job opportunities to as many Indonesians as possible with continuous development and better quality of life for our employees
  4. To continue to applying safe and environment friendly technology to deliver added value to the community


Core Values


We enforce the highest ethical and moral standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in all activities.

Continuous Development

We are committed to continuously developing both our companies and employees.


We continuously strive to achieve the highest standard of result.


We pursue and adopt new techniques and approaches to improve our business quality.


We assume responsibility to stakeholders for all the decisions and actions taken.


We promote and support a multicultural workforce based on trust and respect, achieving goals by communicating appropriately.

Leadership Traits


Display leadership competence in making correct decisions.


Set encompassing goals; have a well-communicated vision that all members of the organization would take into ownership; envision how to succeed and establish priorities based on the company’s core values.


Exhibit confidence in all interactions; take charge; demonstrate endurance; communicate, inspire, and empower others to achieve new heights.


Develop self-potential and seek new challenges.

Honest and Humble

Be sincere, modest, reliable, and straightforward in maintaining trustworthiness.


Group Structure



Structure Organization Chart


Struktur Sewatama Organisasi



Ahmad Ananda Djajanegara

President Commisioner

Indonesia citizens, 49 years old.

First appointed as President Commissioner of the Company on 27 January 2016. Earned his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Indonesia in 1990 and Master of Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1992.

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Adrian Erlangga


Indonesia citizens, 51 years old.

First appointed as Commissioner of the Company on 27 January 2016. Earned his Master of Business Administration from the Golden Gate University, San Fransisco, USA in 1993 and Bachelor of Law from Padjajaran University in 1989.

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Ferry A. Sunandar


Indonesia citizens, 51 years old.

First appointed as Director of the Company on 27 January 2016. Earned Bachelor Degree in Accounting from University of Tarumanegara in 1998.

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Our Management Team

Mustofa Kamal Zulkarnain

Chief of Operating Officer

Mustofa Kamal Zulkarnaen, is an Indonesian citizen, born in Semarang, aged 47 years old. He is an engineer with longstanding experience in heavy equipment management. He has strong knowledge of spare parts inventory and logistics management, including its marketing, sales, operations and customer relations.

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Hendrik Zulkarnaen

Chief of Temporary Power

Hendrik Zulkarnaen, born in Sukabumi 48 years ago, Hendrik Zulkarnaen has assumed COO post of PT Pradipa Aryasatya since 2013. He obtained an engineering degree from ITI (Indonesian Institute of Technology) in 1992 and participated in various trainings and courses in management, marketing, sales, communications, finance and operations.

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Nadia Diposanjoyo

Corporate Secretary

Setiawan Kriswanto

Member of Audit Committee