CAT & Sewatama Ready to Implement Renewable First Hybrid Power Plant in Indonesia

Caterpillar Inc. and PT. Sumberdaya Sewatama announced that they are ready to accelerate the electrification in every area in the country, through a reliable technology innovation called renewable hybrid power plant.

Rob Schueffner, Microgrid Comercial Manager of Electric Power Division from Caterpillar Inc. says, “this innovation was created in order to benefit in various ways such as, in fuel saving, and in producing environmentally friendly power plants which also can maintain the stability of supply. The outer to the innermost islands in Indonesia can use this technology. The development and the installation can be done quit fast, unlike coal power plant or hydroelectric power plant,” he said in Jakarta, a moment ago.

Meanwhile, Edi Prayitno Hirsam, Chief Growth Officer of PT. Sumberdaya Sewatama, sees that hybrid technology can reduce the operational cost especially in terms of both gas and diesel usage. “Therefore, the government doesn’t have to be overwhelmed by fuel demand required by the power plants. This is in line with what has been announced by the government,” Edi Prayitno Hirsam said.

As a power company that has been established for 23 years, this technology can accelerate the development of electrification ratio in rural areas which can hardly get the supply due to the dependency on fossil energy. “Solar panel (PV) usage really suits for Indonesia. in the tropical countries like Indonesia, Sun’s energy is available throughout the year. Therefore, technology that combines conventional engine with solar power like this can be really efficient,” Edi stated.

More importantly, based on Caterpillar calculation, if the hybrid technology is used to produce 2 GW electricity, not only it can reduce the cost of fuel, but also it can reduce the carbon production that equals to the carbon produced by 750,437 cars. Thus, Sewatama is getting ready to implement this technology in order to help the government to accelerate the electrification program up to 35,000 MW. Currently, Sewatama has developed several power plant projects using verious kinds of energy. Fossil energy and renewable energy are also used such as in minihydro power plants, biogas power plants and wind power plants. “We are using some alternative energy for the power plants, such as coal, water, biomass, wind, and followed by the hybrid technology which uses diesel and solar power, “ Edi said.

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