Sewatama power solutions system is designed to support commercial buildings by offering integrated solutions to help anticipate performance obstacles and potential operational risks for:

  • Leisure: Hotels& Resorts
  • Commercial Facilities: Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Gas Stations, Banks, airports, etc.
  • Industrial: industrial estates, warehouses, distribution centers, etc.
  • Healthcare: medical centers, hospitals
  • Residential Areas : Apartment Complexes
  • Government Buildings: public service facilities, police & fire stations and government administration offices or agencies

Hotels & Resorts

Sewatama power solutions is capable in assisting hotels and resorts provide their first class hospitality while in the same time saving costs on both electricity and fuel.

Retail Stores

Retail chain merchants turn to our power solutions to provide standardized equipments and reliable services to stores in multiple locations.


Sewatama power solutions provide valuable insurance for refrigerated warehouses and other distribution centers with critical electric loads.

Commercial Office Building

Since Corporate offices need to maintain their connection and communication to their customers at all times, a reliable electric source is the top priority. Therefore our reliable power solutions can give building management a room for a bigger margin as our generators are cost-efficient