Sewatama power solutions are applicable in mining industry as:

Standby power

On-site power systems prevent costly downtime by coming on-line in case of utility power interruptions. Standby systems can support critical systems only or sustain all operations.

Prime power

Large generator sets act as primary power sources where utility service is unavailable or unreliable. Smaller units may provide intermittent power for service facilities on remote areas of the mine site.

Peak shaving

On-site power systems operate during times of peak electric demand, thus reducing utility demand charges. On-site systems also may serve as a hedge against utility price volatility in deregulated markets

Temporary Power

Rental generator set packages supply power for emergencies, seasonal requirements, or special projects. Rental units come fully self-contained for quick installation and start-up.


Sewatama power solutions for quarries serve both the of the construction industry. Applications include:

  • Installed systems for prime power where utility service is unavailable or for seasonal operations where demand-charge structures from utility is unattractive
  • Permanent or standby systems for dewatering pumps.
  • Rental units for prime power during short-term operators