Sewatama power solutions system is designed to support utility industry such as:

Power for Public Health, Safety and Welfare

Power for Public Health, Safety and Welfare The availability of reliable public facilities is a strong indication of a country’s economical situation. Without reliable electric supplies this may not be possible. Sewatama helps public facilities to keep their operation running, whether it is for health care and protrection to transportation, education and constituent services at lower costs. Furthermore, Sewatama power solutions have comprehensive applications for all service sectors, such as:

  • Standby power to sustain critical services through utility power interruptions.
  • Combined heat and power, delivering electricity and process steam at efficiencies up to 90 percent and reducing fuel and electricity bills.
  • Distributed generation, making use of utility price incentives and providing price leverage in emerging competitive markets.
  • Power quality protection, carrying computers, control systems and other critical equipment through voltage sags, voltage surges.
  • Temporary power, using mobile rental generator sets for emergency powerand other short-term needs.

Power for Power for Disaster Recovery

Power recuperation is one of the priorities in every natural disaster (earthquake, flood, tsunami, etc) recovery program. Electricity helps the disaster area restore its primary facilities, such as shelters, medical cares, communications, education and others. With our mobile electric power, public agencies become more flexible in executing the actual emergency responses. Sewatama power solutions offer a complete range of mobile electric power generation equipment and systems needed for disasters and emergency situations

Commercial Office Building

The power reliability in hospitals, long-term patient care facilities and clinics, is crucial for patients’ safety and comfort. To avoid unexpected power loss during life critical situation, Sewatama can help your hospitals with a wide selection of power solutions that are best suited to your needs and budget.


The operation of airports and air-traffic control centers are heavily depending on reliable power to ensure undisrupted communications and maintain safe traffic patterns. Sewatama has the right solution to support airport’s critical systems that help the facility implement cost saving strategy in a highly competitive and cost sensitive industry.

Government Buildings

Sewatama power systems is capable in supporting a wide range of government’s public service facilities, from police and fire stations to government administration offices or agencies