Power Financial Solutions

  • Project Invesment
  • Financial Solution
  • No Capex
  • Rent to transfer

Power Audit

  • Equipment Performance
  • Load profile/load calculation
  • Power quality

Project Execution

  • Project Management
  • Construction

Efficiency Guaranteed Program

  • Managed Operation
  • Controlled Maintenance

Sewatama energy Efficiency Services is our response to the rising industry demand for the cost-effective use of energy.

We understand well how energy efficiency can significantly contribute to business sustainability. And, this is what we essentially offer, guaranteed energy saving for our customers.

Sewatama EES adheres to the highest standard in achieving fully optimized energy efficiency. We provide world-class expertise in Energy modelling and simulation, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as energy audit specializing in energy efficiency and design.

Our services ensure the efficient management of power assets, which in turn translates directly to a healthier bottom-line. Customer consisting of commercial properties, hospitals, State-Owned Enterprises,utility providers, and manufacturing plants have derived much benefit from our services.

  Product & Specification

  1. Retrofit
    BOT and rental to transfer schemes for various energy efficiency equipment
  2. Power Audit
    With a guaranted 20% saving on energy bills
  3. Organic Rankine Cycle
    A technology that utilizes organic working fluid to generate electrical power from waste/excess heat
  1. Energy Recovery System (turbo generator)
    A system that facilitates energy cost saving reducing fuel consumption by extracting power from the engine exhaust energy
  2. Load bank rental, to facilitate
    • Factory testing of generator sets
    • Wet stacking problem reduction
    • Periodic exercising of stand by generator sets
    • UPS system testing
    • Battery system testing
    • Ground power testing
    • Load optimization
    • Factory testing of turbines