Turnkey Projects
When you need the assurance of a smooth running EPC engine recipcocal (disel, gas, or MFO) project all ready to be handed over, Sewatama is here for you.
We will design, test, check, and ensure the project is working well on your behalf, so you can be confident that everything will run seamlessly when you take over the helm.

Load Bank
So you have a new power sources that need testing out, or backup ones that need a periodic check. Sewatama has just the right load banks for you.
Whether you require the resistive, inductive, capacitive, or electronic, our load banks are ready to take your power system for a spin, testing your turbines, gensets, batteries, UPS, ground power, load rejection, data center, all the way to load optimization, making sure that all systems tested went well.
Sewatama is always ready to serve whenever, wherever, and whatever, whether you are in:
• Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Construction
• Fishery
• Smelter
• Plantation & Canning
• Forestry
• Events
• Industrial Complex
• Housing & Apartment Complex