Maintain Overall Back Up Power System

  • Genset
  • Control Panel
  • Sub-station

Strong Capability to Maintain Multi Brand

  • Genset
  • Control Panel

International Certification

  • Certified Technician
  • ISO 9001 : 2008

24 Hrs Certification & Technical Assistance

  • Standby Technician (Jabodetabek)
  • Fully Supported O&M (Jabodetabek)

Maintenance Training for Customers

  • Based on request

Sewatama Operations & Maintenance (O&M) provides services that apply uniform high-quality operation and maintenance procedures to ensure the reliability and cost-effectiveness of our customer’s power assets.

Our competitively-priced served are provided by certified operators with solid experience in the operation and maintenance of coal-fired, gas turbine, and combined-cycle power plants, as well as dewatering pumps.

We also provide consultations for different analysis and recommendation on design improvement and possibly financing & investment. Our services are rendered to the energy, manufacturing and retail industries.

We operate and maintain power reciprocating engine generators, dewatering pumps, and gas/steam turbines, as well as various types of power plants to facilitate increased productivity.

Our services strictly adhere to high quality, safety, health and environmental standards.

O&M Power Plant

Operating Power Plants using an integrated maintenance program is key to ensure to the maximum expected return of investment. We help owners to maximize their power plant performance by giving complimentary consultative service, done as early as the pre-construction, design stage to commissioning.

The Turn Key Operation & Maintenance is to guarantee Nett Output of Electricity with Proper Operation and Maintenance strategy, allowing a Flat Rate I kwh during one cycle of Maintenance.

For Power Plant that have Long Term Service Agreement with a Service Provider, we can offer STOMC (Semi Total O&M Contract). It covers all Operations & Maintenance except Turbine’s Maintenance and provides flexible service and customize contract offerings according to customers’ need.

Sewatama has developed solid engagement and partnerships with other companies to make sure that all operations & maintenance are run smoothly and achieve production target guarantee.

  • Coal fired
  • Gas turbine
  • Combined Cyde
  • Mini Hydro
  • Biomass
  • Biogas
  • O&M Project

    Providing O&M for Reciprocating Genset & Dewatering Pumps with Based Load Operation. Mostly needed for operations in remote area such as those of Mining, Oil & Gas, “Kabupaten” (Utility) and Industrial.

    Our Turn Key O&M Services ensure to fulfill your electricity needs with proper strategy. We are committed to provide Performance Guarantee with “Flat-Rate I Cost” that allows you to focus on your core business and avoiding fluctuative maintenance cost for Unschedule, Mid Life Overhaul and General Overhaul.

    In order to keep engines to perform at its full capacity, it needs to be Retrofited I General Overhaul. We provide “a Bundling program” for Retrofit and O&M Contract with flexible term of payment, a solution for managing your cash-flow. (May be charged by the Hours/ kwh operation or full payment of Retrofit followed with O&M contract).

  • HSD
  • MSD
  • Gas engine
  • Dewatering
  • Pumps
  • Continues Operations
  • O&M Retail

    Providing consultative service to define the problem & review possible alternatives that is most Most Effisient Back up Genset for Customer, with Value Added. We provide Integrated maintenance for your Back-up Power I Genset from Engine, Generator, Trafo, Panel and Sub Station. This End to End solutions let you focus on your core business while we handle all your power maintenance .

    For contract base O&M, our 24 Hrs Call Center will help to assist with any Technical Genset questions or problems by phone. For more complicated cases, we will come to your site within 24 hours time to solve it.

  • Back up
  • Stand By
  •   Product & Specification

    1. Monthly Inspection
      • Preventive Maintenance with consumable parts
      • Proactive Maintenance with back log list
      • Corrective Maintenance at site
    1. Overhaul and Retrofit
    2. Operator Services
    3. Oil Sample, Load Bank Test, Remanufacture
    4. Fuel Source Management