1. Power Plant Operation & Maintenance
If you own or have just built, or acquisition a power plant, but decide that your resources are better off spent

on other projects, Sewatama can assist you in running and maintaining it.
For a reasonable cost, we will ensure your supply of power is optimum and reliable,

so your operations can run at full throttle.


2. Reciprocating Engine Operation & Maintenance

Need a hassle-free operation and maintenance for your reciprocating engines?

Sewatama can help in more than just one way.

Choose from our 24/7 OM packages: total operation and maintenance, maintenance only,

maintenance with back up, or anything in between according to your needs.


3. Dewatering
When ground or surface water is hindering your operations, you may need to remove them properly.

Sewatama can take care of that for you.
With numerous successful dewatering projects in all corners of Indonesia,

we can pump or evaporate all sorts of humidity problems away,

securing your operational stability.