Sewatama Became the 3rd Winner for the Best Booth in EBTKE

Currently, renewable energy technology portfolios are very competitive. This year, Sewatama with its new product, Energy Efficiency Services (EES) introduced the energy audit and efficiency to the prospects at the third New Renewable and Energy Conversion (EBTKE) Convention & Expo 2014, held in JHCC, Senayan, on June 4 – 6 2014. This exhibition was a part of New Renewable Energy (EBT) development in power industry. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), represented the Government, and the other private companies, led by both national and foreign investors, joined this prestigious exhibition.

It was the first time for Sewatama to join this exhibition. Sewatama translated its corporate color orangefor the theme of its booth. This made Sewatama stood up from the rest of the booths at the exhibition., as the majority of the booths are either in blue or . Other companies that participated in the exhibition were Alstom, Pertamina, Medco, Chevron, Halliburton, Star Energy, Schlumberger, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc. Although Sewatama had to compete with those large companies, Sewatama has successfully become the 3rd winner for the Best Booth nominated by Quad, the event organizer. This is the second award this yearearned by Sewatama after the previous one from the National Electricity Day Exhibition in Surabaya.

Mr. Alimuddin Sitompul, the Director of Aneka EBT, and Mr. Dadan, the Director of Energy Conservation, and other staffs, both seniors and juniors, admitted that Sewatama has started to enter the realm of EBT. The General Director came by and gave a thumb-up to Sewatama for becoming the 3rd winner for the best booth.

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