Sewatama Colaborated with STT PLN to Provide Professional Manpower in ASEAN Free Trade 2015

According to Supriadi, this cooperation was held due to the enthusiasm from both parties to provide more competitive and professional Human Resources in electrical industry to face the ASEAN free trade era in 2015. This support that has been given to the only national private institution, specialized in electrical industry for more than 20 years, is expected to develop the electrical industry in Indonesia, where the demand of electricity have been increasing.

As we are all concerned, the demand of electricity have been increasing every year not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole world, and it will not stop since human electricity dependency is also increasing. According to RUPTL, the electricity will demand increase to 6.5% until 2020. The highest is marked by the industrial areas with 7.3%, while household electricity need increases by 6.9% in Indonesia. Meanwhile, developing countries need 2.2% to 3.1% of electricity growth, and the countries with stable population need 1.1% of the electricity growth. Therefore, the experts in electrical solution industry will become a demand to fulfill people needs, said Supriadi.

N. Hasto Kristiyono, President Director of PT. Sumberdaya Sewatama, is pleased by the cooperation between the two parties. He said that STT PLN is the expert in providing the best human resources for electrical and power industry in Indonesia. Through this cooperation, the competency of Indonesian human resources will become more promising to compete in the ASEAN free trade era.

Hasto continued that by having well-trained human resources, the strength of Sewatama business management has for more than 20 years, and the stability of both technical and non-technical competency, strengthen by STT PLN, will increase Indonesia’s contribution in providing electricity to other ASEAN countries which are still in high demand, such as Myanmar and Vietnam. Within five to ten years, Hasto stated that Indonesian work force are expected to be experts of electricity development not only in their own country, but also for other countries, throughout ASIA, Middle East, and many other countries.

This cooperation is maintained through both short-term and long-term programmed activities including many electrical researches, trainings, curriculum module and syllabus preparations regarding electrical human resources that can enhance the students’ knowledge of technology managed and authorized by Sewatama, or vice versa, in which Sewatama employees can create a special and sustainable module to improve their competency facilitated by STT PLN.

College of Education Foundation and Welfare PLN (Persero), abbreviated as STT-PLN, which has been operated since 1998. STT-PLN is managed by Education Foundation and Welfare PLN, abbreviated as YPK PLN. YPK PLN was found by PLN in 1998. STT-PLN was intended to accommodate the PLN experts in transferring their knowledge to the next generations. PLN, as the biggest Indonesian State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and as the electrical infrastructure provider, is a strategic and technology-based BUMN. Until 1970s, the main generator of PLN was dominated by the hydroelectricity. Many largest dams used as electricity generators in Indonesia are operated by PLN.
STT-PLN established 4 majors for S1 and 2 majors for D3:
S1: Civil Engineering Program, Electrical Engineering Program, and Information Engineering Program
D3: Civil Engineering Program and Mechanical Engineering Program

About PT. Sumberdaya Sewatama
Sewatama is the most well-known and integrated power solution provider company in Indonesia. It has 4 (four) main business lines: Temporary Power, Operations & Maintenance, Pillar Power Optimization & Energy Efficiency, and Long-Term Power Solution in the form of Independent Power Producer (IPP). Sewatama entered IPP business through its subsidiary, PT. Pradipa Arya Satya (fossil fuel based) and PT. Nagata Bisma Shakti (renewable resources based).

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