Sewatama Corporate Citizenship Kicks Off

PT Sumberdaya Sewatama (Sewatama) has recently launched Sewatama Corporate Citizenship, commemorated along with the MOU signing between Sewatama, IBEKA Foundation and the community of Kasepuhan Adat Cipta Gelar.

This community, established in 1368, has long been known as community who still preserves strong tradition to care for nature, culture, and environment. One of its annual traditional ceremony is “Seren Taun” festival (Sundanese community in celebrating annual rice plantation) where local, national and international visitors do come and blend with the local host.

Residing near the National Park of Halimun Salak Mountain, West Java the people of Kasepuhan Cipta Gelarhas been long live in harmony with the nature, while at the same time, started to be open to new technology including power and electricity.

The MOU marked the rehabilitation program on provision of electricity generated from clean and renewable energy sources for the abovementioned community. It would also further boost social and economy development through various activities in education, agriculture, skill training etc.

The launch followed numerous Sewatama social initiatives that have taken place for many years, at many places, and touched many activities. A few key initiatives in education, health, infrastructure and small business have been established, on which, have brought impact on the people all over Indonesia. Sewatama has done works for the people of Nusa Tenggara Barat, Situ Gintung, Padang, Merapi – Jogjakarta, Wasior – Papua, to name for a few.

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