Sewatama Volunteers Celebrate New Years with Reforestation

There are many ways to celebrate the new years; one of them that the majority of us do is by having fun with friends or family while watching the routinely firework-decorated skies on New Year’s eve.

This new year will mean differently for PT Sumberdaya Sewatama (Sewatama), on 30 December 2012, Sumberdaya Sewatama Volunteers (SSV) went through a 7 hour trip from Jakarta to Bukit Gintung, Kasepuhan Ciptagelar, Halimun Mountain to conduct a Corporate Citizenship activity or CSR. Using three 4WD cars, they went through rocky roads reached an altitude of 1200 m above sea level.

This Kasepuhan is a cultural community that has lived for hundreds of years by local and environmental wisdom. Led by Abah Ugi, their residences are scattered in the Mount Halimun National Park area where the Micro Hydro Power Plant rejuvenation has taken place. It was Sewatama’s Corporate Citizenship project that they started working on late 2011 with IBEKA foundation under leadership of Tri Mumpuni.
This activity was an embodiment of Sewatama’s Corporate Citizenship program for the environment and had the purpose of being able to be actively involved and contributive in reforestation, specifically supporting sustainable water source for micro hydro power plant in Kasepuhan Ciptagelar.

This time, SSV has a goal to reforest Ambonese Oaks (Anthocephaluscadamba) at Lebak Seer as many as 2013 seeds that symbolizes a welcome to the New Year 2013. This program was on SSV’s working calendar together with the annual end year ceremony in Kasepuhan Ciptagelar called “Melak Tangkal”

Preparation began at 8 am until 1 pm together with about 50 residents. Planting was led directly by Abah Ugi Sugriana (Chief) and Mak Alit, his wife. During the planting process, SSV received a warm welcome from local residents, this was marked by the traditional music that they played along as an expression of happiness and gratitude.

This reforestation was the second year reforestation conducted by SSV. During last year’s reforestation, 2,000 trees were planted in Ijuk Village, Kasepuhan Ciptagelar which are now growing well reaching 60-70 cm with a success rate of 85%.

SSV team from Jakarta and also Makassar office representatives joined this event. The ones coming from Sewatama were Shinta Idriyanti, R. Hanintyo Prabandaru, Christian Priatmoko, Maya Sari, “Dede”, Ahmad Hidayat, Achmad Poniman, Ganjar (Green Map Community Jakarta), as well as Asland and Andi Arifin from Sewatama’s Makassar Office.

Learning from Kasepuhan Ciptagelar’s philosophy, which is “Nyoreang Alam Katukang, Nyawang Alam Nu Bakal Datang”, that means recalling and learning the past then hope and prepare for the future. Then this SSV activity has given a lot of usefulness to residents of Kasepuhan Ciptagelar and learning to all of us on the importance of water and forests as part of power generation ecosystem.

Look forward to the next SSV program, Ciganas Micro Hydro Power Plant rejuvenation. Don’t miss it!

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