Genset Bowman Kapasitas Besar

Net generated power 900 kW(e)
Fuel consumption -standard engine 207.0 litres/h
Operating hours per annum 8000 hrs
Fuel used 1,656,000 litres/yr
Fuel price $1.10 $/litre
Annual fuel cost $1,821,600 £/yr
Fuel consumption - with TG system 190.0 litres/h
Baseline Fuel Consumption (BSFC) inprovement 8.5%
Fuel saving 140,760 litres/yr
Fuel cost saving $154,836 $/year
TG system maintenance cost per year $12,000 $/year
Net fuel saving $142,836 $/yr
Saving over 5 years $714,180
Carbon emissions reduction over 5 years 1520 Tonnes
Installation and commissioning costs (matls and labour) $5,000
Total installed price to end customer $167,000
Simple Payback months 14.0
Simple Payback hours 9353

Bowman Turbogenerator Technology for Cummins KTA50 Gensets