When you need to check the capacity and eficiency of your power generation system, especially ones with gas, diesel or dual fueled engine reciprocating-based, Sewatama is at your service.

We can assist you with:

1. Efficiency

Sewatama will gladly assist you to achieve optimum efficiency in your power generation system. We will put the whole system under scrutiny, to:
• Detect equipment leakages or inefficiencies in the power generation system.
• Optimize capacity.
• Analize fuel efficiency.
• Analize used load and loss within a circuit system.
• Analize mechanical and electrical aspects of the system.

2. Retrofitting

If your power plant has slightly aged, Sewatama can help to rejuvenate it. By utilizing the latest technology, we can:
• Redesign or re-engineer the power generation system.
• Modify equipments and devices in the power generation system.
• Repair the power generation equipments and devices.

3. Commissioning Stages for Power Plant

Sewatama can initialize a newly installed power plant and ensure it can supply power to the grid safely and reliably (according to design). Any inconsistencies to the specifications will be marked in a Punch List to be reviewed and rectified, to prevent further problems down the line.

Prior to initialization, we will ensure all systems are go and working seamlessly for:
• Fuel Supply (no leaks, smooth flow, accurate flowmeter readings, etc)
• Lubrication (no leaks, smooth flow, good oil sampling after 50 hours of operation, etc)
• Cooling (smooth fresh air suppy to power house, smooth hot air exhaust, good air quality for consumption)
• Protection (current surge, voltage surge, lightning strike, grounding, etc)
• Equipments Set Up Points (reviews in acdordance to factory specifications/best practices)

We also conduct Reliability Run (RR) for 3×24 hours to ensure each actual parameter of every measurement point in the main engine and BoP are all within designed range of the specification standards for all of the equipments.

So when the occasions arise where you need everything done, but do not have the time or resources to oversee everything from start to finish, that’s where Sewatama comes in.
From designing, installing, and testing, al the way to operating, and maintaining all according to your operational requirements, we can do them for you. So you can focus your attention on bigger and more important things, like running your business.

4. Power Automation System

Sometimes you may wish to just stay at home and control all your power generation from there. Sewatama can make that happen.

By installing an automation system within the plant design, all of its operation and power generation remotely. So you can kick back and relax, knowing all control is in your hands, 24/7.

Take advantage of these benefits:
• Safety, minimizing accident rate.
• Accuracy, saving resources and creating operational efficiency.
• Ease of Use, with 24 hours access to all power generation controls within your hands.

5. Genset

When you’re in the market for generator sets, Sewatama can provide advice and options to select the ones most suitable to fit your needs.
From buying, renting, to consulting in regards to generator sets, our doors are always open for you.