Whistleblower System


To support Good Corporate Governance (GCG) implementation conducted by PT Sumberdaya Sewatama (Sewatama), it requires monitoring system, which is efficient and applicable to all company’s employees and third parties including stakeholders. Which is called by whistleblowing system


Submission of Violation Reports
Parties that have the rights to report violations are every employees of  Sewatama, or third parties outside Sewatama who feel disadvantaged or  everyone who wants to report violations. Violations reporting can be done anonymously or with identity of the Whistleblower.


Anonymous report submission is accepted, but must be attached with evidences or at least preliminary hint or clue of the violations. The company will only follow up on valid whistleblower reporting. According to Whistleblower protection policies, those who submit reports that turn out to be defamations or false reports might be penalized and will not obtain protection or confidentiality guarantee of Whistleblower. Sanctions to be imposed refer to the Company’s internal as well as external regulations up to criminal lawsuit.


Violation reports can be submitted by Whistleblower by e-mail to: sewatamawbs@gmail.com


Reporting from whistleblower, be able to do the reporting by fulfilling the following elements:

  1. What : What does the act indicates a known violation
  2. Where : Where the action was carried out
  3. When : When the action was carried out
  4. Who : Who is involved in the action
  5. How : How the action was carried out (mode, method, etc)


With this reference, it can help whistleblower clearly structured the information, and also whistleblower team to identify


Reports of violations committed by Whistleblower officers will follow up to management and or Audit Committee. Imposed sanctions are stipulated in Company Regulation or Company Code of Conducts or may refer to Criminal Law if necessary.