Power Rental Service

Rental Genset

We provide a variety of reliable generators as you need

Fast and reliable services reputation for more than 30 years

Sewatama provides power generators with capacities of 500 kVA, 750 kVA, 1,000 kVA, up to 2,000 kVA.
Orders under 500 kVA have a minimum rental of 12 months or the equivalent of 1 year. 

 What solutions do We offer?

Fast & Reliable

We have ready-to-operate fleet that guarantee the power output a cross the country with fast and accurate installation process.

Full Coverage

We have depot at various location across Indonesia to support fast and accurate installation process for both offshore and on shore


Customized Engineering

We provide various power generator and loadbank capacity: 250 kVA; 500 kVA; 500 kVA; 750 kVA; 1,000 kVA and up to 2,000 kVA, that able to customized as per required.



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