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Fuel Treatment Technology for Diesel Engine

Bio-fuel is key to our commitment in the future of sustainable environment. Sewatama’s FUETECH, fuel treatment technology solution by SEWATAMA can help you achieve this commitment all the while keeping your equipment’s optimal performance and enhance the efficiency of maintenance expense. Fuel quality is essential to your business.

Why use FUETECH?

• UP TO 40%* COST SAVING Cleaner fuel will help minimizing maintenance expense.

• PROVEN has been used in mining and the national electricity industries for more than 4 years.

• MEET ISO 4406 REGULATION Improved bio-fuel quality in cleanliness and reduced water content by up to 90%

• NO CAPEX NEEDED Our flexible package will help you focus on your core business

• 12 MONTH PRODUCT GUARANTEE FUETECH comes with high quality parts and maintenance warranty up to 12 months

(*depending on equipment condition regime)


FUETECH for Large Scale Capacity


• Marine coated carbon steel Vessel
• Able to filter particle and water to meet Std ISO 4406
• Vessel able to withstand pressure up to 10 bar
• Available in skid or containerize package
• Variable Speed Device panel to control the fluid flow
• Available up to 2.000 Liter per Minute (LPM) system
• Equipped with Differential Pressure Gauge to indicate when to change filter
• Equipped with PRV for safety operation
• Equipped with Fuel sampling Port & Fuel Sampling Hose to take fuel sample
• Available with quick coupling connection (Optional)
• Available with Vane Pump

Who should use FUETECH

Any industry consuming diesel and bio-diesel can benefit significantly from Sewatama’s FUETECH solution.
Who should use FUETECH

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Shipping
  • Commercial Building

FUETECH PORTABLE for Small Scale Capacity

Make your engine and equipment ready
to operate anytime. If portability and efficient space is key to
your business, our FUETECH PORTABLE is
the right solution to your need in quality
fuel, with the same capability of cleaning
bio-fuel and reducing water significantly
up to 90% reduced water content.

Why use FUETECH Portable
The portable design makes it easy and flexible to use in various areas
The use of clean biodiesel reduces air pollution in your facility
Applicable for backup power and also can be use for continous application with regular treatment



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