News - 09 June 2023

Sewatama Awarded an Environmental Award

Gas Engine Power Plant (PLTMG) Lifuleo, with a capacity of 40 MW, located in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia, and owned by PT PLN (Persero), has once again been recognized for its exceptional performance. The plant, which is operated by PT Sumberdaya Sewatama, recently received an esteemed accolade from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for its sustainable environmental management practices. The certificate of recognition was presented by the Dinas Provinsi Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup and Forestry of East Nusa Tenggara  in June 2023, in recognition of the power plant's commitment to maintaining a responsible and environmentally friendly operation.

This is not the first time that PLTMG Lifuleo has garnered attention and praise for its outstanding performance. In November 2022, the plant's sister facility, PLTMG Kupang Peaker 40 MW, was honored with the "Mitra Bakti Husada K3 Perkantorran" award by the Ministry of Health. The prestigious award was given in the category of Level 1 Government Agencies/State-Owned Enterprises/Equivalent Private Entities, reaffirming the power plant's dedication to maintaining high safety standards and ensuring the well-being of its workforce.

The PLTMG Lifuleo power plant began its operations in September 2020, aiming to bolster the electricity system in the Timor Island region. With its substantial capacity, the plant has made significant contributions to meeting the growing energy demands of the area, improving the availability and reliability of electricity supply. 

The recent recognition from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry highlights the exemplary environmental management practices employed by the PLTMG Lifuleo power plant. The meticulous and orderly reporting system implemented by the plant's management has proven instrumental in monitoring and mitigating potential environmental impacts. By adhering to stringent reporting standards, the power plant demonstrates its commitment to transparency and accountability, fostering trust among stakeholders and the local community.

The accolades received by both PLTMG Lifuleo and PLTMG Kupang Peaker 40 MW serve as a testament to PT PLN (Persero)'s continuous efforts in promoting sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The company's investment in advanced gas engine technology and its commitment to upholding rigorous safety and environmental standards further solidify its position as a leading player in the energy sector.

Looking ahead, it is anticipated that PLTMG Lifuleo will continue to play a pivotal role in meeting the region's growing energy needs while prioritizing environmental sustainability. The power plant's ongoing commitment to responsible environmental management sets a positive example for other industry players, encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices and contributing to the broader goal of building a greener and more sustainable future for Indonesia.

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